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martedì 1 ottobre 2013

Review 016: Mythery- The Awakening of the Beast

Genre: Prog Metal
Country of Origin : Denmark
Year: 2013
Label: Mighty Music 
Mythery are a Symphonic-metal band from Denmark. Even though they’re not mainstream, you can find something interesting in it. The Awakening of the Beast consists of two parts. The first one covers the first four tracks, while the second one begins with an Ouverture. This one is actually an independent work, and I guess it’s the main deal of the concept. First of all, the thing that sparked my interest was the use of the violin, that’s not so common in metal-bands. It covers all the melodies and main riffs, giving something interesting to the songs. Mythery’s style tries to wrap up the typical Symphonic melodies and atmospheres and prog-oriented riffs, even though they keeps straight rhythms, without changing it too much. You’re very likely to find hyper-technical bands presenting their works with a high level of technique and a lack of melody. That’s not the case since Mythery seemed to choose the melody for this work. Lead voice presents his weaknesses while growling. Generally a nice work, even though some songs seem to be a little bit monotonous, since they have all the same structure and main idea. Exceptions are the Awakening of The Beast Ouverture, Through Shadow and The Words of Sal, that seem to be the highlights of the album. Not a masterpiece, but a pretty enjoyable work at the end, with good ideas. A little bit monotonous, but still a pretty good job.
 Rating: 68/100

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