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sabato 31 agosto 2013

Review 010: Thunder And Lightning - In Charge Of The Scythe (2013)

Genre: Power Metal
Country Of Origin: Germany
Year: 2013
Label:  Hammersound

Power metal is one of my favourite genres of metal but only today for the first time i can talk you about an album of this genre.
Indeed today i will review In Charge of the Scythe, fourth album from Thunder and Lightning, an interesting band from Berlin formed in 2004.
In Charge Of The Scythe is released three years after Dimension, the previous album from these guys.
This band plays  an interesting modern power metal with thrash influences, expecially  in some rithmic parts.
In Charge sound like a really solid album, with a lot of good songs like the opener      Boostershot, a really powerful with a good chorus you have to sing loud, The Unborn Truth ,another solid and funny song, the titletrack, a fantastic song with a  dark feeling, or Soldier's Tired Eyes, an aggressive song with a rabid chorus, but every song in this album is good.
About lyrics, In Charge Of The Scythe is a  concept album about a girl who kills The Death  and takes over his duties.
In conclusion i think this album will be apprecieted by all the power metal fans.

Rating: 80/100

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