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sabato 31 agosto 2013

Review 011: Kanseil - Tzimbar Bint (2013)

Genre: Folk Metal
Country Of Origin: Italy
Year: 2013
Label: Self-Released

Over the past few years in Italy Folk Metal has achieved a big success, so a lot of band started playing this genre, sometimes with great results.
Bands like Folkstone, Furor Gallico, Draugr and Elvenking have acquited themselves like of the best metal band in Europe.
Besides them a lot of young interesting bands, in this country, are trying to emerging, bands like Evendim, Folkentroll or Folk Metal Jacket.
Today i want to talk you about another interesting young band: Kanseil,a band from Fregona, near Treviso, and in particular 'bout their demo Tzimbar Bint.
These guys in their songs talk about their land and his histroy, in particular 'bout the Cimbri.
The demo consists of two good folk songs: Lo Spirito Della Notte, with his spoken in italian, and Dar Bald Hat Geheft Zo Reda and of three Folk Metal songs: Genius Loci, that starts with some fantastic bagpipes, played in the way of Folkstone, to remember than something from Waylander, Mazharol a really good song with a fantastic chorus and Tzimbar Bint, the only song sang in italian,that without doubt is the best moment of the demo, and maybe one of the best songs of the genre released this year.
I think the demo confirm that the band is the Next Big Thing of the Italian Folk Metal
Rating: 79/100

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