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martedì 24 settembre 2013

Review 014: Folk Metal Jacket - Our War Has Begun

Genre: Folk Metal
Country Of Origin: Italy
Year: 2012
Label: Self-Released

Today I'll talk you about the first demo from the italian Folk Metal band Folk Metal Jacket.
This band, born in 2009, has published this  self-procuded demo, Our War Has Begun in 2012 and an ep Spill this Album, published by Moonlight Records, an interesting label that follow really closely the italian folk metal scene, this year.
After a good intro, there is the opener Faunalia, that immediatly shows all the characteristics of the band, indeed it's a funny folk metal song inspired by band such Finntroll and Trollfest( it's also remind me of the Canadian band Nordheim), with some really interesting banjo parts.
Every song in the demo is really  interesting: Mushrooms with its good chorus, Full of Beer Rivers, It's Not Easy To Be Green and the last song Alice In Paganland, maybe my favourite one of the demo, are all good exemple of Folk Metal but the thing that surprise me is that this young guys has created a personal sound, also due to the use of the banjo.
The lyrics are  usually funny celebration of alcool, or about war and parties.
 Eventually Our War Has Begun is a good demo that show us a good band that may have an interesting future.

Rating: 73/100

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