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lunedì 9 settembre 2013

Review 013: Gravehuffer – Blasphemusic

Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Country Of Origin: U.S.A
Year: 2012
Label: Reality Impaired

Today I’ll review the new album of the American band GraveHuffer. Though they have some good ideas into the new thrash metal wave of these lastas years, I have to talk something about this album. Among all it is a “good” production, but is infected by some important points: they mix and rush many genres and influences in all 14 tracks, going out with what is “the band’soul itself, his interface, his idea of music and his way to do it”; in particular they mix with Thrash, Sludge, some Blackened influence (with screams and some riffs) and Death. For exemple: “Reacharound Rambo” is most influenced by major bands like IMMORTAL, Bathory and Celtic Frost. “Unthinking unity” is influenced by Opeth and Celtic Frost’s prog death riffs, chorus and verses. “Festering”, “Into the Crypts of Rays”, “Tomb of Hercules” and “God forgot us” are influenced by Mastodon, Periphery and Monstrosity, their Sludge metal and some Brutal Death come out directly when I Listened these tracks. At least, “Dumpster Baby”, “Christ Complex”, “Gutsick” and “Lucifer’s Crown” are influenced by Vio-lence, Artillery, Sacred Reich, Death, Morbid Saint, Exhorder, Obituary and so on. At the end, I say that they could have some good productions if they just stopped and focused only on one genre. By what I listened to, I recommend to keep doing Death Metal, but improving the flat growl they used, maybe re-listening to death and opeth much more times.

Rating: 56/100

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