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domenica 13 ottobre 2013

Review 018: Lost Ape of Killa - Lost Ape of Killa

Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Nu/Alternative Metal
Year: 2011
Label: Self-Released

These are the things who make me proud to be Italian! Today I'm reviewing a really great ep  from an Italian band: I'm talking about Lost Ape of Killa, a split-up Italian Nu metal band from Sicily in and their first cd titled like the band's name “Lost Ape of Killa”. It is composed by 7 tracks.
The opener track is “We still got a voice to scream”. This song is my favourite one of the whole ep. It says that in spite of everything, we aren't resigned  and we still have a voice to scream and strenght to fight.
“Lost Ape of Killa” continues with “Self-Forgiver”, a great song with political lyrics. It is a complaint of the contemporary political situation. I found this song's riff really awesome.
The third track is “Bloodsheed”, a song against the war.
The fourth song, “Toys”, is the most melodic track of the ep. It speaks about the child labour explotation.
“Insert coin” is an instrumental track that precedes “Distracted”. This song's lyrics are against the system and anyone who follows its orders without asking himself the reason of his behaviour.
“Unmasked secrets” closes this really well done ep.
I really liked this CD and i think this is one of the best Nu metal works i've ever listened to. I hope  Lost ape of Killa can return together  have all the success they deserve.

Rating: 79/100

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