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martedì 15 ottobre 2013

Review 019: Demoterion - Prometheus

Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Melodic Death/ Pagan Metal
Year: 2013
Label: Self-Released

 Today i will talk you of Demoterion, a melodic death/pagan metal band from Abruzzo, an Italian  region that folk metal lovers know as the homeland of Draugr.
What suprise me of this band is that, also if they have been playing togheter only from March 2013 they have already composed an impressive ep such this ''Prometheus".
The Ep is made of 5 songs where the band shows his melodic death     affected by band like Amon Amarth, but also Ensiferum and Varg.
The album is homogeneous and every song is quite good, also if maybe a little bit too little original and some songs are too little elaborated.
The best songs of the ep are Plague From The North, with his chorus that maybe remind me of the chorus from Glorious March by Nordheim, the titlerack Prometheus and God's Servant.
Also the opener Throught The Runes, maybe the worst song in the ep, is not a bad song.
The part these guys have to improve are the lyrics, that are sometimes banal.

Rating: 69/100

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