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mercoledì 26 febbraio 2014

Interview 002: Paolo Albergoni- Dragonharp

Hello guys I'm Daltor from F.U.M Blog. This time I’m going to interview the guitarist of DragonHarp,
the power metal band who has been rated 90/100 in my last review. I' d like  to say thanks to Paolo Albergoni who gave me this opportunity.

1)Hello, Paolo, can we begin?

Hi, Daltor! Before we begin, I wish to thank you for this interview and for having rated our demo. We are very grateful, truly. Well, let’s start now!

2)What was your first opinion about DragonHarp project?

The first time I have been contacted by Rossana Monico, I've considered it could have grown great and successful. As long as I know, none had the idea to use Celtic harp to play the traditional keyboard role on power metal backgrounds: that made me thinking it could be something fresh and original. Today, three years later, I’m still thinking it is a fine project and the songs we composed help to get stronger my opinion.

3) Which are your favorite bands, and how they influenced your songwriting skills?

I personally prefer, above all, Rhapsody Of Fire (especially before-split albums) and Blind Guardian. They are bands I still love to listen to, after many years I discovered them. Concerning Blind Guardian (in my honest opinion, one of the greatest power metal bands since this genre was born), I honestly admit their choirs could hardly been heard in DragonHarp's music. Nevertheless, they influenced me in many ways: they were the first metal band I've ever listened to in my life (their masterpiece, «Imaginations from the other side», will never get me bored) and made me love typical fast power metal drums. By the way, Rhapsody've much more influenced me by their neoclassical features (I love classical and orchestral music): my guitar parts are heavily inspired to Luca Turilli’s style. Furthermore, I sometimes find myself writing Iron Maiden-oriented riffs and, for DragonHarp vocals, I sometimes get inspiration from Michael Kiske’s Helloween.

4) Let's talk about the future. What you think about DragonHarp future project?
Have you thought about a Debut Album?

We are actually planning how many songs and which ones will make up our first full-length. Except for demo tracks, that will be surely re-recorded in better quality and included, three additional songs are ready (one of them has been already played live, Storm, composed by me and Rossana Monico) and we are furiously arguing about the others (two or three). It is not easily decided: after Andrea Lentini joined us (apart from his drum skills, he is a good composer), we have many themes and full songs. We just need sponsors (we actually cannot pay entirely recording and producing) and still searching for them stubbornly.
We have all the chances to release something nice: Leonardo Caporale (who drew our amazing demo cover artwork and still drawing remarkable images for us) guaranteed his collaboration and Carmine Iannuzzi is improving his vocal skills day by day.
By the way, this is far than realized. Be just sure that we’ll go on with playing live in Italy (14th March we have a concert in Turin) and, one day, our debut album will be out!

5) Have you ever thought to study Music in an academy?

Yes, I did. When high school was to be concluded, I seriously considered studying in conservatory could be a fine idea. However, I finally decided to get myself University graduated, due to job opportunities. In truth, being a professional musician in Italy is truly hard and frustrating, public investments are tragically diminishing and music majors are interested only in easy profits.
That doesn’t mean DragonHarp members are totally clumsy: Andrea and Rossana brilliantly studied at Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan; concerning the others, Carmine can boast much experience and so do Roberto, Burç and I.

6) What you can say to people who want to play music honestly and especially Metal?

I would tell them that it is not easy. I would tell them that they will have to face satisfaction and disappointment. I would tell them to do it and to never give up.
Actually, metal and generally music business is facing a critical crisis: there are many good bands, but they hardly can pay their productions. In addition underground bands are affected by the greed of music and tour agencies, whose policy is «pay to play».
Nevertheless, I would tell them to start playing and to never stop. For it is one of the greatest experiences I ever had and because metal requires their talent, enthusiasm and passion.

7) What is Music for you? What do you feel when you’re listening to your music?

Oh, I would need much more time to answer this question! Well, some state Music is the way who our soul is told by: they are right, I admit. But I prefer to say that music is the vehicle of our dreams, as like as literature. By the music, you can get on a trip in Middle Earth, fight in Stalingrad or be a Spanish inquisitor! Otherwise, you can accuse the system, sail to other coasts or visit gods in their halls. Choice is yours.
I won’t tell what I feel when I listen to my own songs… Mainly because often I think: «I could have done it better» *laughs*

8) Thank you, Paolo. Best wishes to DragonHarp!

Thank you indeed, Daltor. We’ll do our best. As long as there is one person wishing to listen to our music, we will play until the end!
Let your dragon fly!

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