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domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Review 027: Dying Muses- Dying Muses

Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 2014
Label: Unknown

Hello guys, I’m Daltor from F.U.M Blog. I’m back with a new amazing heavy metal band from a little town, Cisterna di Latina, Italy. 
I have to say something about the story of how I knew this band, called Dying Muses. 
One of my other hobbies is playing guitar (guess what xD), and 2 weeks ago I was studying with my teacher, when a guy came there.This guy was the guitarist of this band. When I listened him playing his stuff, I was surprised.Then I wanted to write a review for his band.After this little story, let’s talk about Dying Muses. 
The sound that the band proposes is a mix of heavy/traditional metal with a good dose of melody. The EP I’m going to review is called like the band.The first song is called “Zombie”, that is characterized by good riffs and good chorus. The drumming is also good, but the best thing is the “hard rock” style guitar solo. By the way, all the song is pretty good.“Like a gleam” is powerful, reminds me of some Heavy Metal bands from the ’80; all the song is made of high solos, to harmonize the rhythmic parts. Voice is pretty good.
“Titan’s Revenge” sounds like a classical power metal song to me cause the lyrics talks about battles and epic themes.All the EP is good, but a little bit monotonous in my opinion. 
I hope this band will get better and better. 
Hail to Dying Muses, who composed and produced a very good EP.

Vote: 80/100

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