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domenica 8 settembre 2013

Review 012: Ergot - Empty Waters down the myst

Genre: Black metal/ Dark ambient
Country of origin: Italy
Label: Self-released

Have you ever listened to a black metal album? I'm sure you did it at list once before today. So, you should know that feeling who allow your mind to fly across the great Scandinavian woods of conifers.
Perfect, now, forget it, because this album will allow your mind not to fly but to sail the seven seas.
Ergot is an Italian one man black metal band from Trieste, Italy. His lyrics, contrary to the classic black metal bands, especially speak about the sea and the life connected to it.
His first ep, “Empty waters down the myst”, is composed by 5 tracks. It starts with an amazing dark ambient instrumental intro called “Wrecked away”. The second track is called “In love we trust”, but the lyrics contain all but love. This song is about a satanic rite violence and curses made by the protagonist of the track. This song presents classic black metal sounds with classic black metal lyrics, so we can describe this one like a classic black metal song.
The third track, “Veils” is a dark ambient instrumental song with an interesting electronic sound.
The fourth track is “Opening the gate of reality”. Sincerely this song has reminded me Amon Amarth's “Twilight of the Thunder God” under a lot of viewpoints, but it isn't a bad song.
The fifth track “Lost Wisdom”, well-done cover cover of Burzum, is a bonus track.
Just to wrap up this is a good black metal album, but nothing of really original or innovative.

Vote: 71/100

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