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venerdì 20 dicembre 2013

Review 020: Warhead-Warhead

Country of origin:  UK

Genre: Thrash/Groove Metal

Year: 2013

Label: Self-released

Warhead is a thrash/groove band from West Lothian ,UK. I’m going to review their first EP, composed of four songs. There are different things to know about, but it is sure I’m going to headbang a lot! Let’s see the opener track, “Sick of it all”. It’s composed over a powerful riff mixed with an amazing drum track. I am not sure about the growl parts, but the lead singer(clean parts) has skills, so I think it’s good all in all. The solo harmonizes the main theme of the song. The next song, “Surrender”, is a mix of violence and pure energy! I’m amazed by that groovy sound. Growl vocals are pretty good in this track. Let’s going on… “Who the fuck” is a classic groove song: we have a huge sound and some good parts, like the solo. This song is really good for headbanging!. But now, let me introduce to you “Your meltdown”… the amount of breaks is insane, there are thrash arpeggios, good scream vocals, and a good drumming.This is the best song of the whole EP in my opinion. The tour around the EP is over, so let me say something about the production: the quality is not very good. It’s a mess, I think this band has ideas and good technique, but it’s all about breaks and powerful riffs! Good work, however.

Vote: 70/100

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