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venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

Review 021: Noterminus- Haselupker’s Ink

Country of origin: Uk
Genre: prog/alternative/symphonic metal
Year: 2013
Label: Self-released

Hello people! I am Daltor and I am going to review an emblematic album: “Haselupker’s Ink”. This album is from a symphonic rock duo (they are still looking for a drummer  for a guitarist). This band has some interesting skills and good ideas. Let's listen to the album.
“Tarnished Halo” is the opener song. I am into strange melodies and powerful chord, there are some good vocals. That song is very good, the refrain is epic. The solo is melodic, but monotonous. By the way, the next step is “Hilary”. There are some metal riffs, and background effects. Drumming is good, the song is powerful. There are some scream parts, mixed with clean vocals to harmonize all the sound, but... it Is so monotonous… I think this band does not have inventiveness. The next song is “Muted Creatures”, opened by some arpeggios, and lead solos… Throughout the song, there are power chords and riffs, to create a metal atmosphere. Lead vocals are anguishing and only the guitar is the power of this song, with a pretty good drumming. “Fast one” is an explosion of riffs and powerful chords, throughout there are arpeggios and good bass lines. Good vocals and background riffs lead me in an epic chorus. There are good breakdowns, but not so powerful like the riffs. Let me listen the fifth track called “Moon and Sun”. The intro is good, reminds me of doom metal, some good palm mute all over the phrases and there are arpeggios in background.
I am amazed of how two people can make this kind of music. It is the result of hard work and study, I think. “Hell no” is what I can call a melodic ballad; lead vocal is amazing in this track. The force of this song are the arpeggios through the verses. Now there is a good solo, lead guitarist used lot of sweep picking and tapping. In addition, another Verse appear; another guitar solo. This track is powerful, but is fuckin' monotonous. I cannot go on, with this track… There are classical influences, by the way. Good breakdowns and licks all over the song… However, it is so monotonous too. Let’s go on, the next track is “Crawling Seasons”, a mid- tempo song. I am amazed, there is a good chorus. It is so good, now. Best song of the album, to me. Finally, it comes last song, the title track“Haselupker’s Ink”. Is long 10:40 minutes, and I am going into a prog-rock experience. That is the best song of the album, generally. Riffs are good, and chorus are catching. Good drumming all over the song. No one can say, however, how is monotonous this song. There is a long break, and a melodic solo, in the style of this original band but very anguishing.


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