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venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Review 025 : M.A.I.M.- Hostëria

Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Folk/Power Metal
Year: 2014
Label: Crowns Studio

Hi guys I’m Daltor! This time I’m going to review a folk metal band with some power metal influences from Italy, called M.A.I.M.
I was impressed a lot by the good taste in musical arrangements of this EP, called “Hostëria”.
The first song is “Casera Death Trip”. The song talks about spending time listening metal with some good friends. Chorus are very good and easy to remember. There are also breakdowns played with folk instruments like Violins or Fiddles.
Next song, called “Quest for perfection”, is a classic power metal song, where the perfection means the “best pub” all over Italy. It is a mighty quest: everyone should try to find the best pub, where all can drink the best beer (you know, folk metal things). The band is devoted to instrumental parts, where we can find epic narrations.
“Polenta & Dragon” is the third song (Polenta is a typical Italian food). I think about a power metal parody, but the song talks about a quest to kill a mighty Dragon. We can see all the talent of this band on instrumental parts and the vocals are really good. Guitars play only rhythmic parts or melodic riffs.
The last song is “Blood Stained Walls”, an impressive work that go on for 9 minutes.
By the way, this one isn’t the best song of the EP. This song is monotonous, but the scream/growls vocals near the end are interesting
That’s all from Daltor. I must say, this band has a lot of skills, they made an high quality EP (remember, that’s the second EP).
I am giving a high vote, again.

Bye guys, stay metal! 

Vote: 87/100

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