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domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Review 026: Dragonharp- Dragonharp

Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Classic/Melodic Power Metal
Year: 2013
Label: Unknown

Hi guys, I’m Daltor from F.U.M Blog. This time I’m going to review an Italian Power Metal Band called DragonHarp.This band was formed in 2011, from Rossana Monico(harp) and from Paolo Albergoni(guitar).
The band identifies its music as Classic Power Metal with various influences (Helloween, Stratovarius and Rhapsody of Fire).Well, let’s listen their EP called “DragonHarp”.
You can guess that the band opened their EP with an instrumental song (Stormborn), because it’s like a must now! I think all Power Metal Bands should open their album with instrumental songs, because it’s so cool.
Ok, the first song leads to “Queen of Dragon”. A Classic Power Metal Song, where you can see and listen what the band think about metal. The song is powerful and also melodic. Another peculiarity of this band is that they sing in Italian (like Rhapsody).The lead parts are so wonderful in this song.Let’s go on to the third song called “Seven”, a song that reminds me of Hammerfall or Gamma Ray. Here we find classic guitar sounds, and amazing harp parts.The next song is “To Live”. A power ballad, where the band shows all their melodic sound and wonderful solos… By the way, “El Cid” is the last song. The end of a trip through Lands and Enchanted Kingdoms.It is a good song, but not their best one. 
I must say this band has a lot of ideas, and amazing technique, very good concept. 
It’s a shame that the EP hasn’t a good quality. I hope this band should remix this Ep, or make an album.
Go on, mighty DragonHarp. 
That’s all from Daltor.
Stay Metal \\m//.

Vote: 90/100

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