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giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

Review 024: Anaestesia- Jaimy

Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Heavy/Melodic/ Thrash Metal
Year: 2013
Label: 04011 RECORDS

Hello Guys, I’m Daltor. This time I’m going to review a metal band from Italy, called Anaestesia. First thing to know, the band was born in 2008 as tribute band to Metallica and after some line up changes, Anaestesia were ready to make original songs. This EP I’m going to review was produced at 04011 Records by Andrea Palumbo(Hideout).
Let’s listen the opener track, called “Jaimy”. Jaimy is also the mascotte of this band that you can see on the front image of the EP. It represent the death.
The opener track begin with a bass solo which reminds me of Metallica. Then there is a guitar solo that lead to the first riff. It is so powerful. The verse is good and guitars are very strong. Chorus are catchy, and are important the backing vocals. There is a break, a majestic solo and another chorus. Yeah guys, I really like this track.
Next song is “Operation Anthropoid”, which sound more thrash than the first song. The song has a good chorus and the clean section is interesting.
“Kamikaze”, the third song, is just a summary of the thrash played in the years by a lot of other bands.
The next one is “My Friend John”. This song is more melodic than the others and it’s the best song of the EP in my opinion, because it is a mix of thrash and melodic guitar riffs. The chorus is very catchy and guitar solos are amazing.
“Jaimy (EXTENDED)” is the same thing of the opener track, but there is a longer guitar solos section.
Ok, this was the last song. See you soon!

Vote: 85/100

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