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lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Review 022: Fear Theories - So it begins

Country of origin: Norway
Genre: Heavy/Power/Speed Metal
Year: 2013
Label: Self-released

Hello guys, I’m Daltor. This time I’m going to review an EP by a Heavy Metal band from Norway called Fear Theories. I only know that this band was founded in 2010 and now they released this EP, “So it begins”. This let me think about something like a trilogy, or well, a story.  Let’s listen this work, which sounds great only by reading the name. “So it begins” is the opener track. That song is very strong, it’s heavy metal at his wild form, it’s an instrumental! What the fuck guys… Next song is called “The treasure of Haunted Pirate”, and is very amazing: it’s composed over powerful riffs, and has a catchy chorus also. There is a good guitar solo, which reminds me of other bands, like Hammerfall or Helloween; by the way, it is fucking good. The next track is “Blank”. This song is particularly “heavy”, this reminds me of thrash/groove ’90 bands.  I think it’s a bad song cause is very monotonous, but there are good vocals and I can feel the power, so it’s a good job. After some breaks, there is a neo-classical style guitar solo, with hard rock feelings.
“Overlord” it the next track, that begins with a heavy classic sound. Vocals in the chorus reminds me of Hetfield’s, I don’t know why.  There is a good solo, a break part and chorus again. It’s a very good song, I think I’m going to give a high vote.
“Heroes of the past” is the final song. It begins with a melodic metal riff, which lead to the verse.
There is a funny chorus, and the first riff once again. This song is very powerful, like the others, but this is very strong. There is a Hard Rock style guitar solo, composed over tapping technique, and pentatonic scales, so I mean is a very good solo. Next part is another verse, that lead to the last chorus and then there is another solo until the end of this great track.
So, guys, it was an amazing EP!
Fear Theories can do big things, I think it’s a very good band.
If we think positive, and we support them, this band can make a very good album. It’s all, see you next time.


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