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giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Interview 001: Giacomo Cherubini (Six Days Of May)

After the reviews we decided to start also to interivew underground bands, today we'll start talking you about Six Days Of May, an italian metalcore from Milano that have released a demo and a single in 2012.
To talk about their wishes and their future planes we have interviewed their singer Giacomo Cherubini

First, what is the meaning of the band name?
G: We were looking for something of interesting and ed effective. About our name we choosed something we also liked.

Can talk us about how many people are in the band?
G. We are six: Giacomo (clean vocals), Marcello (scream), Marco (guitar), Rashid (guitar), Federico (bass guitar) e Giulio (drums)

What kind of music do you play?
G: We play a mixture of metalcore and alternative with some electronic music influences.

Which are the band that influence most your music?
G: We'll not answer like other bands that say every band member have a big and different background. Everyone in our band listen to metal music, but also a lot of mainstream music.
When we write a song we are influenced for the big part by n Flames, Architects, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Periphery e Meshuggah

What about your 2013?
G: Now we are promoting our first video Genie in a Bottle, a cover of Christina Aguilera, with our live activity. This year we also wanna start working on our first full lenght.

What do you think about underground metal scene?
G: We belive that there are too much bands that try to damage other bands. Their public is only made by their friends.

What does it mean to you play music?
G: It's our way to do what we like.

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