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mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Review 003: Otono - Ghosts of Smoke (2008)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country Of Origin: U.S.A
Year: 2008 
Label: Self-released

Sometimes a band in the first album don't find his own identity, this is,in part, the case of the band i'll talk you about today.
Otoño are a Californian band, formed by the guitarists Bangulo and Eldred and the bassist/vocalis
t Angel, that released in 2008 their first, and for the moment unique, album, Ghosts Of Smoke.
The album is really diverse, too much diverse, there are some Melodic (Gothic) Death Metal songs,inspired by Paradise Lost and the British Death/Doom, a Brutal Death Metal song, some Modern Thrash Metal songs, and a lot of instrumental songs, and it can fluster the listener.
It's really a pity 'cause there are some very good songs and a lot of ideas.
The best moments in the album are the songs where the band shows his Melodeath part like Ghosts of Smoke an aggressive song with a really cold riff, Cannibal Jesus, TIll Dark, the true highlight of the album, a melodic song with synths and Under a Gray Autumn Sky,a song with a big instrumental part.
But also the instrumental The Omen, the aggressive Bone Crusher, a brutal death metal song and the powerful Can't Hide are really good songs.
The album is ended by two instrumental songs, in my opinion fillers.
In conclusion the album is good,but too diverse and with too much fillers, and it's clearthat this band has a really big potential.
Maybe the growl is a little bit too dry

Rating: 79/100

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