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giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Review 006: Frozen Hell - Rise! (2013)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country Of Origin: Italy
Year: 2013
Label: Self-Released

For some reason i don't understand only death metal bands reach me for a review.
Indeed today I'll talk you about Frozen Hell an Italian melodic death metal band.
This guys play a really energic swedish melodeath metal with sometime, classic metal riffs.
Forzen Hell released in 2013 an ep called RIse!,the one i will talk about, with six solid song and one intro.
The opener Useless Memories shows what the band is able to do, it's a classical melodeath song with some really good moments.
Face me is the most aggressive song in the ep, really good.
The title-track use some not really original guitar part but the song appear really solid because of the great refrain, that will remain for a long time on your mind.
This song is followed by Interrupted and Unti the day break, two good song with great melodic moment. Until the day break remaind me in some moment of viking metal, expecially the vocals.
The ep is brought to the end by Pursuit of Death, a medley with to Amon Amarth song Pursuit of Death and Death on FIre
Maybe these guys don't invent nothing but they play an honest melo-death metal, perfect for the moment when you are angry, and they've done in this ep their work in a good way.


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