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mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Review 001: Evendim - Whiskey on Fire (2011)

Genre: Folk Metal

Country Of Origin: Italy
Year: 2011
Label: Self-produced

Yeah men, from the moment i became admin of this page i thought to review young metal band's album. Finally this moment is came.
I had some ideas about my first review, but i wasn't sure about which band was better to start.
Well... after s a lot of time i decided to review Evendim's demo Whiskey on Fire.
Evendim are a young band folk metal band from Giambassi Terme near to Florence.
The demo is made by three song The Boozer's rule, a really enthralling song about alchool, that remind me of alestorm(especially their second album).
The second song is Faraway so close, a tear-jerking irish ballad about lost love and broken hearts, with progressive veins. In my opinion this song is really a masterpiece.
The last song is the title track, the really anthem of the band.
The song starts with an accordion part, that will remain and will never came out from your mind. In this song the major influence is the one of korpiklaani.
In conclusion i think that guys will become one of the best folk metal band in italy and that this demo is a really good point of starting for their career.
Listen to it (it is all available on youtube) and support this fantastic band.

Rating: 83/100

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