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mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Review 002: Hypocras - Burning Drakkar (2010)

Genre: Viking Metal
Country Of Origin: Switzerland
Year: 2010
Label: Self-Released

Viking metal is nowadays one of the most popoular metal genre, a lot of new band start to play this kind of music, and despite it talks about Scandinavian history it's not impossible that band from Spain, South America or in this case Switzerland start to play this kind of metal.
Infact today i'll talk you about 'Burning drakkar'', an ep made by four songs, released by Hypocras, a young band from Geneve formed in 2006.
Their sound consists of a rough folk metal with flutes(used in a perfect way) and death metal influences.
All the songs in this ep are really powerful, with great riffs, chorus and with really good lyrics.
The first ep song is the titletrack a aggressive but melodic song with a strong riff a really good chorus, lyrics are a celebration of a viking warrior's death.
Hunting Troll, the second song, is faster rhan the title-track but it's likewise really convincing. The lyrics of this song is, in my opinion, the best in the ep, and talks
about the fight and glorious death of some viking warriors against a group of troll.
The last two songs are On path of my ancestors, another solid folk metal track, and Dance Of the Forest, a fantastic instrumental song (i really like its end with a flute part that reminds Inis Mona).
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Rate: 84/100

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