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giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Review 005: Nihilism Incarnate - Deconstruct the Aeons (2012)

Genre :Death Metal
Country Of Origin: U.K
Year: 2012
Label: Self-Released

There are a lot of way to spend a good quarter of an hour.
One of this way is to listen Deconstruct The Aeons, first ep by the english deathsters Nihilism Incarnate.
The opener Eat,Shit,Die is a really impressive and aggressive death metal song that shows a big technical preparation and that will surprise with his riffs and solos. The song, after a little introduction, starts with a really aggressive vocal part, and in my opinion is one of the hilighlight of this ep.
Dark Matter, the longer song in this ep, and The Lord Prey(er), are more melodic and progressive but not for this reason less interesting, with some really good slowdowns.
The last song is Butcher Bludgeon another good intense death song.
Maybe the songs and the lyrics are not too much original but this ep is a really good point of start for a really good band .


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